Helpful Apologetics Websites

Here is a list of websites that I have found useful for information and research for Catholic apologetics.  (Known as the Catholic Answers organization, it has some great to-the-point articles on topics like the Sacraments, Intercessory Prayer, and Divine Revelation.)  (New Advent is a great site for reading when researching historical occurrences and biographies of famous people related to Church history.)  (Another great Catholic Apologetics site that deals with commonly cited anti-Catholic accusations.) (A Catholic Apologetics site dedicated to the biblical basis of the Church’s doctrines.) (The website of Dr. Scott Hahn, former Protestant minister, Catholic convert. There are some very informative articles on his website concerning Catholic doctrine.) (This is the website of one of my favorite apologists, Patrick Madrid. Patrick has great articles, especially concerning Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses.)